Digital Marketing Training

Why is training vital to your digital marketing success?

Business owners, marketing professionals, and even web designers and developers need to keep up with the changing world of digital marketing. The short answer to “Why” is “It will likely cost you thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more if you don’t understand how to prioritize and strategize the right digital marketing solution for your business, or your customer’s businesses.”

  • Why should business owners invest in digital marketing training? Read more…
  • Why should marketing professionals invest in digital marketing training? Read more…

  • Why should web designers and developers invest in digital marketing training? Read more…

How Will Our Training Help You Succeed?

  • Our team spends well over $20,000/month in research and development. This is how we stay ahead of our competition and provide leading edge training.
  • Rather than trust the subjective views of a salesperson disguised as a consultant, we will help you develop the right solution for YOUR business.

Upcoming Classes

Digital marketing workshop

Perfect class to help you learn about all things digital marketing.

google adwords training

We help you setup your Google Adwords to maximize success.


Digital marketing is only going to be a larger part of businesses marketing efforts. Businesses big and small will continue to shell out more cash for various digital marketing strategies. If you or your customers are spending money on digital marketing or need to spend more money on digital marketing to grow their businesses it is vital that the proper strategy is developed, implemented, managed and optimized over time. If you have tried digital marketing in the past and you still aren’t seeing any changes, then you should consider steering your efforts towards a different direction, and training from our experts will help you meet your goals.

Instead of letting a subjective third party handle all your digital marketing strategy development, why not have your team go into digital marketing training? That way, you can count on your team to effectively deliver practical solutions and smart insights right in the heart of your business. Stratex Digital Marketing offers digital marketing training for teams to learn significant values and tactics.


Digital marketers are jacks of all trades. A well-trained and highly experienced one will be able to do everything, from crunch data to create original media. If you want to take your marketing to the next level, talk to us today for time-efficient professional digital marketing training. Let us train your team to hone these essential skills

Analytics. Analytical marketers leverage web behavior. From purchase history, device engagement to growing traffic leads, they are able to do all these and more. Data-minded marketers are a hot commodity and get all things done.

Social Media. Improve your business’ social strategies by adding new networks, such as Google+, SlideShare and Pinterest into your social media strategies. We can teach you how to stay on the cutting edge of social media to create trends instead of simply following them.

Visualization. 12% of websites see an increase in traffic after implementing data visualization or posting an infographic. Witness the same upshot in your site conversion by letting us help your team learn how to create bite-sized visual media your audience will be excited to share.

Technical Skills. Learning technical skills like basic coding or video production not only takes time, but also takes a skilled and professional trainer. We can teach you to be competent in different areas so you and your team can build things your customers need.

Teamwork. 57% of marketers have a dedicated social team. Increase your ability to work with others by learning the value of teamwork and its power not only in the workplace, but in the marketing industry as well.



Stratex Digital Marketing offers clients the chance to hone their team right in the heart of their business. You don’t have to rely on outsourcing marketing services anymore when you give your team digital marketing training. Not only will it help you save time and money, it can also help boost your company productivity.

Aim for bigger things by preparing your team to do greater things. We can bring out the best in your team by providing professional and high-quality training services. We know what we are doing in this industry and we can help you learn how to do it well, too.

Talk to us today on how your team can be the jack of all trades.