Stratex Digital Marketing is a digital marketing company whose aim is to help you grow your business. Traditional retail businesses with actual locations risk the misfortune of losing out on competitors if they don’t beef up their existing marketing efforts or change their business model to an online one.

Our role is to help you beef up your techniques or transition your business into a digital one. We focus on providing our clients with digital marketing services, practical solutions, training and consulting, and the best chances boosted competency, survival and business growth. We are where digital takes the lead. And we will lead you.



It’s tough to stay relevant in an industry that sheds skin faster than the year changes seasons. But it’s even tougher to stay on top. It takes experience, willingness to take risks, and a whole lot of hard work to get to where you are right now and where all the good things are.

We’re not saying we can make it easier for you, but we can help you become the industry leader you’re meant to be. Your success is our mission. With our experience in the market, our team of dedicated professionals and our constant drive to improve our services and your brand, you can count on us to lead you wherever it is you want to go.

Our digital marketing company offers digital marketing consulting, digital marketing training and a complete line of digital marketing services packaged to provide clients with practical solutions and answers that work.

All our services and products are timely, time-efficient, while being cost-effective. As a digital marketing-focused company, we don’t want to burden you with missed deadlines and blown-up receipts.

We have a proven track record and any conversation you’ll have with our clients will assert this reputation. Witness what they are talking about and talk to us today on how we can help you navigate this cutthroat industry with ease. We don’t do shortcuts, but we can provide you with a map, with specific directions and with a time-efficient solution.



From e-mail marketing to social media, content marketing to data visualization, and even precise targeting and customer satisfaction and experience, whatever your problem, our digital marketing company can help you find a practical solution that fits your target and your industry.

We look at internet as a rocket fuel and us as your drivers. Tell us where you want to go and we will find ways to get you there.